Our Office For New Patients

Thank You for Choosing Our Practice

Every patient is unique, and Ocean Springs Dental is committed to providing you with high quality, state-of-the-art cosmetic and family dental care based on your individual needs. Above all else, we want to make your visit to our office a pleasant experience.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

We view ourselves as your partners in oral health. We are here to help you achieve your dental goals, and the initial exam plays a critical role in allowing those goals to be reached. Your initial exam will be a comprehensive oral examination establishing a baseline record of the state of your mouth including all healthy and diseased tissues.  This baseline will establish a starting point from which a treatment plan can be formulated to achieve your desired outcome.  In order to get you where you want to go, we need to know where we are starting from. Your initial exam with Dr. Hendrix will include the following:

  • Review of your dental & medical history forms
  • Review of your dental x-rays and/or taking new x-rays as required
  • Hard and soft tissue exam
  • Cancer screening
  • Occlusion and bite check

An initial exam may be brief or take an hour or longer, all depending on the state of your mouth. The more your mouth deviates from the ideal, the longer the exam may take. We are here to provide you with the best care we can, and that all begins with a thorough and comprehensive initial examination.

At the completion of your exam, we will discuss the findings and answer any questions you may have regarding your proposed treatment plan. Our goal at Ocean Springs Dental is to help you come to an informed decision regarding your dental care.

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